Opinion: Andy Warhol and Autism

According to some popular theories, Andy Warhol was on the Autism Spectrum. Although there is no way to test this, the “evidence” is quite convincing. Andy engaged in repetitive behaviors such as eating Campbell’s Soup nearly everyday and wearing only green underwear.  In addition, he struggled to answer interview questions ( it is unclear whether … Continue reading “Opinion: Andy Warhol and Autism”

The Music Of Silence

Hey everyone! It’s great to be back since I haven’t posted lately. I just finished my college finals yesterday which means I’m done writing essays (for now, at least) and I have more time to write about my interests. Today I’d like to shine the spotlight on an artist who inspired almost everyone I mentioned … Continue reading “The Music Of Silence”

Opinion: Japanese Art is Underestimated in U.S. History

Wherever the United States has been in contemporary art, Japan got there first. This is especially true of art movements in the 50s and 60s. In 1950s America, Zen Buddhism became increasingly popular especially among young liberals and artists. The Japanese writer D.T. Suzuki is credited with “bringing Zen to America” through his books and … Continue reading “Opinion: Japanese Art is Underestimated in U.S. History”

Sarcastic 60s

Hey everybody! It’a been a long day and I don’t have it in me to write so I’m letting the artists speak for themselves. I love that these artists have a good sense of humor and speak fluent sarcasm (the Beatles were especially well-known for that). Hopefully, some of these interview responses will brighten your … Continue reading “Sarcastic 60s”

The London Theory

Yesterday, we went over the most prominent theory of Pop Art, the New York Theory. Today we’re looking at a lesser-known but equally likely theory, The London theory. To help  Britain face its incredible debt after World War II and to stop the spread of Soviet Communism, the United States started the Marshall Plan. Long … Continue reading “The London Theory”

The New York Theory

Although Pop Art is a relatively young movement, art historians argue about how and where it began. I think all their theories have some merit so I want to cover the most prevalent ones in my posts and have you decide which one you agree with. I’m starting with the first theory I encountered; that … Continue reading “The New York Theory”

How I Got Started

When I was 16, I skipped my Chemistry class. It wasn’t such a great idea because I lived in a small town with nowhere to go. Instead of doing anything exciting, I went to the library and wandered over to the art section. That’s where I found it… The Famous Artist Annual: A Treasury of … Continue reading “How I Got Started”

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