Sarcastic 60s

Hey everybody! It’a been a long day and I don’t have it in me to write so I’m letting the artists speak for themselves. I love that these artists have a good sense of humor and speak fluent sarcasm (the Beatles were especially well-known for that). Hopefully, some of these interview responses will brighten your day.

Interviewer: How has success changed your life?

George Harrison: Yes

Interviewer: What was the reception like when you first started to present some of your art? Did people understand it?

Yoko Ono: Well, my parents weren’t happy I went into avant-garde.

Interviewer: You wrote in your book that the ocean terrified you when you first saw it.

Brian Wilson: Right. It’s a big body of water which scared me very much.

Interviewer: So you didn’t feel like a hero being an artist and working under great difficulty?

Robert Rauchensburg: Well, that’s much too easy of a way to be a hero.

Interviewer: There are those who say your work isn’t original.

Andy Warhol: It isn’t original.

Of all these responses, George Harrison’s is my favorite. I was listening to a radio talk show about him the other day when I found out his memorial tree was eaten by beetles. That seems pretty dark but maybe it was the ultimate joke because I can’t imagine a sarcastic person like him would miss the irony of that. Who knows. He might have been behind it.

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