How I Got Started

When I was 16, I skipped my Chemistry class. It wasn’t such a great idea because I lived in a small town with nowhere to go. Instead of doing anything exciting, I went to the library and wandered over to the art section. That’s where I found it… The Famous Artist Annual: A Treasury of Contemporary art. I’ve been in love with the 1960s ever since. 

Before I knew it, my shelves were full of 60s art books (including the Annual that I stole from the library) and my record collection was almost exclusively British Invasion bands: The Kinks, The Stones, The Yardbirds, the Beatles. It turned out to be more than just a phase. Once I entered college, my fascination only grew. I had access to a much bigger library then!

What I love the most about this era is anything could be considered “art”:a swimming pool, a soup can, a painting, an advertisement. Art could be abstract or realistic or anywhere in between. My teachers told me before, “art can be whatever you want it to be” and I think the 1960s movements are a prime example of that. 

I don’t have a degree in art history or any official title but I’m passionate beyond belief. I’ll cite all my references so you don’t have to wonder where I’m getting this information. And the best part? I still have the Annual. I never got in trouble for stealing that. Still, I have to admit, it’s an old book and pretty beat up now.

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